Thursday, June 30, 2011

i missed you all soooo much

hi guys I'm super sorry i haven't talked to you lately but don't worry i haven't abandoned you I've just been super busy but i pinky promise (well technically its paw promise) that i will have some exciting news for you tomorrow so no need to worry

and it has something to do with this picture of me mommy and my new friend tutu

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The easter bunny nala and easter

hi guys sorry i havn't posted in a while mommys been a tad busy but she told me something really exciting i have a sister in london mommy told me that she really wants to meet me and that she hopes we will soon mommy said she is a rabbit i dont know what that means but when i asked mommy she wasn't really very descriptive

ME:mommy whats a rabbit
MOMMY:well they love carrots an-
MOMMY:hey chewy you ok......
MOMMY:ok chewy i have to get something see you later

See what i mean i never even got the chance to find out what a rabbit was luckily mommy had a picture of her so i know what she looks like

mommy told me every easter lots of humans eat chocolate eggs eww right chocolate is yucky  she also said the easter bunny give you the chocolate eggs mommy also said she had a special egg just for me which is made specially for pugs i hope it has bacon in it i will show you a picture of me eating it in a bit because i have to wait till mommy comes back from barbados (ugh.... mommy go's to different places waaaayyy to much) but when she gets back we're giving her a easter celebratioons just and i get my eggs then yay i will put the picture up when mommy gets back of me and my egg.....yum
also i have a sneeking suspicion that nalas the easter bunny what do you think she looks very eastery bunnyish to me

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



  by helencarter1001
, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

Ithink it makes my bum look smaller


  by helencarter1001
, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to show you this cool new harness my grandma bought me from Puppia! I feel so proud of it and I think it really brings out the colour of my eyes. UNfortunately I have grown out of my black one and my mum was a bit worried that if she forced my head through the hole my eyes would pop out ( she read somewhere that pugs suffer from this and is kind of paranoid now... which I'm kind of glad about because I would not look quite so cute if my eyes were popping out!!!!!) Anyway let me know what you think of me in stripes..... it's lovely and furry but mum said I should have another for summer because she thinks this wil be too hot! By the way she is in France at the moment and I'm really missing her and can't wait til she gets home and gives me a hug (and treats!!! ;-))

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

new walkies place

hi guys guess what mommy took me to a new place to go walkies it was super fun we met a lurcher(greyhound flatcoated retreiver cross) she was really old and wise and taught me how to make my mommy through a stick for me for ages

Saturday, March 19, 2011

caught in the act

hi guy I'm sorta in a lot of trouble today cause mommy caught me eating the scraps of the plates in the noisy plate cleaning monster!!!! OK so i was just minding my business chasing my tail when granny all of a sudden opens it up and with out thinking my nose sort of just drags me to the Delicious smell whilst granny went away then mommy came in and told me off i mean how unfair is that right well anyway now i've been sent to the computer room to think about what i done little does she know im writing this with my very talented nose (well half a nose)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

brother boo

hi Chewy's brother boo here she said i could use this blog * sqoink sqoink * so you might have seen me in one of Chewy's post-y thingies but i never introduced my self (which every polite guinea pig should do) so im here to write bits about me *squeak squeak chatter*

so there's one important thing you should know and that is i love food and would do anything for it so send me food people('cept turnips there yucky)
sister chewy is my best buddy so i hope you are very nice to her shes my chubby buddy!!!!

as you all know i am a gentle-pig and mommy said that a gentle pig would not ask strangers for food soo.........dont tell her i asked you i asked

Sunday, March 13, 2011


hi guys went on a extra long walk today and am exhausted i was soo tired i slept as soon as i hit mommys lap yawwwwwnnnnn im soo super tired
i feel as if im just about to fall asleep

okay guys im super tired so im gonna have a nap wake me up in like 5 hours
bye by..........zZzZzZZZZzzzz

Friday, March 11, 2011


hi guys sorry i had been away for ages mommy got back a few days ago but guess what i got all my injections andi went on my very first walkies we went to a place mommy called the market and a guy gave me a  sausages he lived in a small stall with a cooker inside it so i asked mommy how he could live there mommy just laughed!!! humph i wish mommy would tell me then i could live in a magic stall that made food!!! oh sorry where was i... oh yeah i also made loads of new friends there was a human puppy who was about my age

me and the human puppy
then there was a great Dane who was Ginormagus he was super old and super wise as well he even told me something soo cool if you tilt your head to one side and put your paws over your nose...or in my case snout you can get scarps from people passing by!!! (pugs on a diet do this to you owner its a guaranteed success) i also got loads of chances to pose in front of iPhone here !!!!!! so here are some pictures to make you awww

luv chewy x

Saturday, February 19, 2011

hi guys

i wont be here for a few days i know you all will miss me so im super sorry but i promise i'll be back soons

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

doggy shows

hi guys
just got off the phone with mommy(well uncle melvin was on the phone with mommy and i just so happened to be there) and guess what my eavesdropping...i mean listening heard when mommy gets back  im going to a dog show MY FIRST DOG SHOW well actually its in may but i can wait not much dog shows in ireland if any irish pugs wanna go its the All Breed Open Show, Obedience & Agility, is Sunday 29th. May 2011.
Coral Leisure Centre, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.

Contact: Theresa Power   12 Main St., Arklow, Co. Wicklow
  Telephone 0402 39992 after 6pm only
  or Email:
wow i gotta get ready i gotta get trained and potty trained wow i cant wait what should i wear
i know 

does this make my butt look big

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

missing my mommy

hi guys here to tell you mommys not back from italy yet and i miss her tons
i cant wait for her to get back hopefully with treats
have you ever been away from your mommy cause i miss mommy  sooo much

i love friends

hi guys since i love everyone so much i thought i'd make a new blog every time someone follows me
on this blog im gonna write about you on that blog :) cause there is a lota cute pugs out there and their to cute not to write about
love my friends




do i have anything on my face
hi guys

did you have a good hug day i did i got loads more hugs and kisses then usual so i didn't get time to post
anyways that's not why i'm here i'm here to tell you about the most wonderful delicious tastiest most awsomest thing ever


          So one day mommy went off with granny somewhere and when they got back with a bag full of wonderful stuff so i started sniffing around 1 thing in particular  the strawberry yoghurt!!! but i didnt get any of it cause im not aloud strawberrys!!! stupid mommy.any way there was something i could have vanilla yoghurt and it was delicious pugs everywhere you may thank me

Sunday, February 13, 2011

miss me????

O shucks I know you did well guess what mommy left me all alone well not alone I guess with uncle Melvin but he has NO DOG TREATS!!!!! Mommys in Italy right now and I'm all on my self no mommy,granny,boo or evil rainbow snake that also means no pictures luckily here's a never before  picture and tomorrow I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY NEW FAVORIOTE TREAT!!!!YOGHURT!!!!
Anyways hers beautiful me

Sunday, February 6, 2011

silent sunday

attack of the fluffy rainbow snake

hi guys
mommy let in a snake i know what your thinking there's no snakes in Ireland and that's what i thought until i saw it so i went to boo the guinea pig and asked him to beat him up and being the macho man he is he ran to the nearest hiding spot(which happened to be a handbag)

boo the macho man
so i decided to tell that snake who's boss
ahh its strangling me

take that

and that


i am the champion my friend!!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

litter mates

hi guys guess what iv'e been here with mommy and granny for 2 whole weeks im now eight weeks old
thats 4 week old me

thats my brother

and another brother

and my sister

this is my litter mommy "muffin"

my litter daddy "herbie"

litter parents in lurvve
mommy told me she fond some pictures of my friends back at the litter so here we are

no way am i wearing that...oops my bad

okay well mommy got me a new sweater which she said was supose to be "super cute"
by the way mommy i'm already the most adorable thing in the world nothing in the world will make me cuter no even this yucky thing!

 see its hideous no way would i be caught out in this mommy please don't make me wear it

oops it was inside out my bad it was inside out its quite nice really


who's that pretty little pug

if i wasn't so lazy i'd be the best model in the world...NO WAIT i should be the best SUPER MODEL!!!!!!

all warm and bundled up

me having my beauty sleep!!
hi guys chewy here its super windy outside i went out to do my buisness and the wind came and i was lifted away its also raining pugs outside i went back in side and took a nap in mommys scarfs oh no i hope she hasn't found out yet cuuse she was gonna wear it out today and i shed like um... A PUG

Friday, February 4, 2011

bubble baths

dont i look so pretty all nice and clean
hi guys you know how i've been feeling a bit down today mommy decided to treat me i got my first bubble bath and boy do i love it sorry theres no pics of me in the bath i was a bit busy splashing mommy with water good news though we both smell great which is a change for me

sad things...

hi guys i have a bit of bad news brother jacob died he was a great brother and friend even though only knew him since i was 6 weeks i know he means loads to mommy because her eyes got all teary...mommy told me i had another brother who died before i came here but poor him he only lived till the young age of five but big brother Jacob at least lived till the ripe old age of 12 mommy said that doesn't heal the pain any less but she also told me that pepsi and jacob were bestest friends and now there with each other again in rainbow bridge waiting for her and mommy would like to say she loves you guys pepsi and jacob and forever rest in peace!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

jacobs getting better

jacob feeling good enough to pose with me
hi guys chewy here guess what brother Jacobs feeling better hes not throwing up no more just a bit sleepy but he's old give him a break he was eve feeling well enough to pose with me :)
it was quite hard to do considering Jake gets jelous whenever im near but i always chew on his tail cause i know hes just pretending he hates it today we played fetch in the garden i played with rattle mouse (more on that later) and next weekend we're going to the beach ttfn chewy

Saturday, January 29, 2011

hi jacob here

my handsome self

hi my names Jacob i'm Chewy's brother chewy is letting me talk to you guys cause im not feeling my best im having trouble keeping food down mommy thinks its because of the medicine i get for my arthoritis!!so im going to the vet on monday but me being sick is a good excuse for getting lots of  hugs and kisses from mommy i cant wait till chuchu gets all here injections and  feel better cause promised we'd go to the beach i love the beach,i luv swimming,i love fetching pebbles from the water i luv every thing about the beach anyways wish me well yours truly the one and only jacob

Thursday, January 27, 2011

new jumper!

hi sorry i havent posted in ages
guess wat i got a new jumper i look soo cute got plenty of hugs & kisses from mommy
i should be a model......i guess i could live with the rules no eating no sleeping lots of exercise.....
mommy are you sure this on right??

we're never gonna get this on may as well give up!

yay we did it

i am beautiful in every single way

being prettys tiring