Sunday, January 30, 2011

jacobs getting better

jacob feeling good enough to pose with me
hi guys chewy here guess what brother Jacobs feeling better hes not throwing up no more just a bit sleepy but he's old give him a break he was eve feeling well enough to pose with me :)
it was quite hard to do considering Jake gets jelous whenever im near but i always chew on his tail cause i know hes just pretending he hates it today we played fetch in the garden i played with rattle mouse (more on that later) and next weekend we're going to the beach ttfn chewy

Saturday, January 29, 2011

hi jacob here

my handsome self

hi my names Jacob i'm Chewy's brother chewy is letting me talk to you guys cause im not feeling my best im having trouble keeping food down mommy thinks its because of the medicine i get for my arthoritis!!so im going to the vet on monday but me being sick is a good excuse for getting lots of  hugs and kisses from mommy i cant wait till chuchu gets all here injections and  feel better cause promised we'd go to the beach i love the beach,i luv swimming,i love fetching pebbles from the water i luv every thing about the beach anyways wish me well yours truly the one and only jacob

Thursday, January 27, 2011

new jumper!

hi sorry i havent posted in ages
guess wat i got a new jumper i look soo cute got plenty of hugs & kisses from mommy
i should be a model......i guess i could live with the rules no eating no sleeping lots of exercise.....
mommy are you sure this on right??

we're never gonna get this on may as well give up!

yay we did it

i am beautiful in every single way

being prettys tiring

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

omg unfairness guess what

which i know is a total lie i mean me chewy talk in my sleep HA i would never do something like that!
WHAT! mommy you lier!!!!!!

mommy said i woke up granny but to be honest i think shes just framing me for her sleep talking
brother jacob said i snore like a pig but i would never do any thing like that pug snores are much more
civilized hmph!!!....
mommy,jacob,granny im sooo mad at youz

Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi everybody guess what mommy made me do today?!
hmph soooo unfair i was just sniffing around trying to find a nice place to do my buisness and suddenly I
get scooped up put in the car and went to the vet.....THE VET!!
mommy no effense but if you wanted to take me some where what about the beach hmph
but i guess it was worth it when we got home I got extra cuddles
me getting my sleep on :)
but now im real drowsy Yawn!!!!!!
but im not the only one who went to the vet brother jacob has bed sores cause he is soo lazy
Brother jacob <3

Sunday, January 23, 2011

hello world

hello world im chewy
my mommy promised that she would help me with my blog cause she has these awesome things called thumbs which move exept theres a downside to them there not as cute as my paws so ha mommy oh but the deal is if i get this blog i have to stop piddling on the carpet even though its soo comfy

the reason i have this blogs is cause i wanna be like my hero puglet so from now on you will hopefully here any of my daily ramblings and adventures
cause when your six weeks old everythings exiting
and arent i cute hehe
luv chewy xoxo