Wednesday, March 30, 2011

new walkies place

hi guys guess what mommy took me to a new place to go walkies it was super fun we met a lurcher(greyhound flatcoated retreiver cross) she was really old and wise and taught me how to make my mommy through a stick for me for ages

Saturday, March 19, 2011

caught in the act

hi guy I'm sorta in a lot of trouble today cause mommy caught me eating the scraps of the plates in the noisy plate cleaning monster!!!! OK so i was just minding my business chasing my tail when granny all of a sudden opens it up and with out thinking my nose sort of just drags me to the Delicious smell whilst granny went away then mommy came in and told me off i mean how unfair is that right well anyway now i've been sent to the computer room to think about what i done little does she know im writing this with my very talented nose (well half a nose)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

brother boo

hi Chewy's brother boo here she said i could use this blog * sqoink sqoink * so you might have seen me in one of Chewy's post-y thingies but i never introduced my self (which every polite guinea pig should do) so im here to write bits about me *squeak squeak chatter*

so there's one important thing you should know and that is i love food and would do anything for it so send me food people('cept turnips there yucky)
sister chewy is my best buddy so i hope you are very nice to her shes my chubby buddy!!!!

as you all know i am a gentle-pig and mommy said that a gentle pig would not ask strangers for food soo.........dont tell her i asked you i asked

Sunday, March 13, 2011


hi guys went on a extra long walk today and am exhausted i was soo tired i slept as soon as i hit mommys lap yawwwwwnnnnn im soo super tired
i feel as if im just about to fall asleep

okay guys im super tired so im gonna have a nap wake me up in like 5 hours
bye by..........zZzZzZZZZzzzz

Friday, March 11, 2011


hi guys sorry i had been away for ages mommy got back a few days ago but guess what i got all my injections andi went on my very first walkies we went to a place mommy called the market and a guy gave me a  sausages he lived in a small stall with a cooker inside it so i asked mommy how he could live there mommy just laughed!!! humph i wish mommy would tell me then i could live in a magic stall that made food!!! oh sorry where was i... oh yeah i also made loads of new friends there was a human puppy who was about my age

me and the human puppy
then there was a great Dane who was Ginormagus he was super old and super wise as well he even told me something soo cool if you tilt your head to one side and put your paws over your nose...or in my case snout you can get scarps from people passing by!!! (pugs on a diet do this to you owner its a guaranteed success) i also got loads of chances to pose in front of iPhone here !!!!!! so here are some pictures to make you awww

luv chewy x